Senior Bulldog

Posts related to English Bulldogs as they age, things to contemplate as they get older. Health, medical, mobility and behavior issues in senior Bulldogs. Ways to assist your senior bullie as he or she gets older. Products and accessories to help your aging Bulldog acclimate to senior living.

Caring for Your Senior English Bulldog

How to Care for English Bulldogs as They Grow Older English Bulldogs are amazing, loyal companions. I love my bullies dearly, and would be totally crushed if anything happened to them. I’m sure you feel the same — because they become cherished family members. But something important that you should know about English Bulldogs is […]

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English Bulldog Smiling Happy Dog

Bulldog Health Problems and Medical Issues

Common Bulldog Health Problems & Medical Issues I’ve owned 3 English Bulldogs over the course of 17 years. Obviously, I can only speak from my own experiences. But during those years, I’ve learned quite a bit about English Bulldog health problems and bulldog medical issues in general. My first bulldog lived almost 12 years, and […]

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