10 Ways to Know You’re Owned by an English Bulldog

10 Surefire Ways to Know You’re Owned by an English Bulldog Owning an English Bulldog is like the gift that keeps on giving. Like belonging to some secret society that nobody else quite gets, but other English Bulldog owners are fully attune to. You think just owning a dog in general is a special thing. And […]

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3 Steps to Save Money and Stress When Traveling with Your Dog

Check out this guest post offered by Nick, who runs the website OurBestDoggo.com. It’s all about traveling with your dog, and how to make the very best out of a canine road trip! How to Save Money and Reduce Stress When Traveling with Your Dog Looking to do some traveling with your furry family member? […]

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Best Toys for English Bulldogs Reviewed

Reviews of Best Toys for English Bulldogs If you’re an English Bulldog lover, you know they are a quirky yet lovable breed. But also, they have a tendency to be destructive. Namely — to their toys., but sometimes to other things. Like shoes, purses, baseball caps, remote controls, end tables… In addition, bulldogs can also […]

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Caring for Your Senior English Bulldog

How to Care for English Bulldogs as They Grow Older English Bulldogs are amazing, loyal companions. I love my bullies dearly, and would be totally crushed if anything happened to them. I’m sure you feel the same — because they become cherished family members. But something important that you should know about English Bulldogs is […]

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Best Bulldog Harness

Best Bulldog Harnesses Reviewed – Top Selections for English Bulldogs

Reviews for Buying the Best English Bulldog Harness Got Bulldogs? Whether you just brought a new English Bulldog puppy into your life, or adopted from a bullie rescue — You need to learn about harnesses. Finding a correctly fitted bulldog harness can be a challenge. English bulldogs are a unique breed, for so many reasons. […]

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